Gucci Mane wants to start off his new album right. He reached out to Instagram celebrity Lavish for an introduction (we assume the request is for a spoken, rather than rapped appearance). For those unfamiliar, Lavish or "ItsLavish," or "ItsLavishBitch," is a teenager who rose to fame on the internet by spending a lot of money in public, wasteful ways (like tying stacks of cash to balloons).

This is the stuff of cash-rap fantasy, and it's unsurprising, but still hilarious that Big Guwop wants to use Mr. ItsLavish, considering he's a glorified spoiled teenager, but it should be interesting to hear the poise with which Lavish chooses to conduct himself on a Gucci album (this is if he decides to do it of course) intro. Perhaps we should predict some ways he could stunt on the "serfs" and "peasants" in this medium.

In any case, if Gucci hasn't already, it would be fitting for him to start referring to his own haters as "peasants." So far, no response from Lavish, but his last tweet reads "But dont forget im rich." If he is indeed concerned with whether or not his wealth is forgettable, we encourage him to use this Gucci opportunity as a method of cementing the relationship between his money and the global consciousness.

UPDATE: Lavish responds, favorably...

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