There were a number of reasons that we hated the new SoundCloud, but one that we hadn't listed at the time was their "Related" feature, which wasn't available at the time, but would have definitely been on it. We love the idea of the "cloud," and an on-going listening session, but there are times where we just want to hear one track without wondering where the hell this random song came from (we know many of you have had the exact same thing happen). We're assuming that the choices thrown into the "Related" section have something to do with the categories used on each track, but there are times where you'll see the exact same tracks will be thrown in the "Related" for genres like drum & bass - where's the variation?

One thing we've also noticed was that, randomly, SoundCloud will get it right. Either it's a track that perfectly compliments what you just heard, is super awesome but done by someone you're not familiar with, or is just so random that you can't do anything but sit in amazement. We decided to go through some of our favorite happy accidents, showcasing the times where SoundCloud's "Related" feature works for the better.