If you've followed the drum & bass scene over the last five years, Calculon is one name you should be familiar with. We first got wind of his talents via released on Rubik Records, which focused on the deeper side of drum & bass. He ended up taking over the label for Kubiks, and had helped bring the music of talented producers like Heavy1, Random Movement, and Sinistarr to the masses. As a producer himself, he's lately been a part of the emerging juke scene, highlighting his love of jungle with the innovative sound of juke, nurturing this back to the future flavor that has caught the ear of Chrissy Murderbot, who released Calculon's awesome Feel EP earlier this year.

For Calculon's Five Tracks, we get a special look into what's made him tick. Blending a bit of the digital hardcore sound with some more classic drum & bass vibes (with some twists and turns), we get a portrait of a producer that's dared to seek out the unique, and has no problem being unconventional. Here are Calculon's Five Tracks.