These are the submissions that we like to get our hands on. This one hit our inbox, and I'm so incredibly glad these guys reached out to us. Orikami shot us a friendly email with a dope tune, and it pushed me to take a couple minutes to go through their work.  All of it is absolutely breathtaking.  All of these tunes have also been released in the past month.  It makes me wonder if these kids are making an incredible record every six days.

The drum work and layering on these beautiful tunes is next level, and were created by a relatively unknown duo. As they're a 30 minute drive from Atlanta, it's blowing my mind that they're making records outside of the signature sound of the city. They remind me of HYDRABADD, who they also sound nothing like. Get ready to download a stack of incredibly chill bass records. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.