What is it about Italian producer/DJ Benny Benassi? He's one of those dance music producers that has had a slow-build of a career, but once he got on, he stayed on. We're talking doing a number of smaller productions in the late-'80s through the 1990s before catching a break with 2002's "Satisfaction." Say all you want about these producers who come out the box swinging, but it takes a proper kind of dedication to have moderate success for years before really getting your shine on. And the best part about Benny Benassi's career is that once "Satisfaction" took off, he kept churning away, knocking out five albums and collaborating with more mainstream acts like Kelis, Chris Brown, and T-Pain while knocking out official remixes for Bob Marley, Estelle, OutKast, Moby, Kid Cudi, and many others. Take a look back at some of Benny Benassi's essential cuts.