Intoxication has been part of hip-hop's essence since Run kept a bag of cheeba inside his locker and the Beastie Boys offered unsuspecting girls sips of Brass Monkey laced with Spanish Fly. (And you thought there was something wrong with Rick Ross!) These days, promethize/codeine syrup, aka "Purple Drank" aka "Lean," has come to occupy a singularly elevated position in the culture. [Ed. Note—Though weed has long been apart of rap, everyone and their father now smokes weed. It's not exclusive to hip-hop anymore.]

Once a hip-hop sacrament exclusive to Houston, Texas—a town with such a thriving rap ecosystem that it could boast its own set of elements within these elements—Lean has become the best known recipe in rap, as best dictated by Pimp C in "Sippin' On Some Sizzurp:" "I got the red promethazine, thick orange and yellow tuss/Hydrocone, on the hands-free phone."

Pimp C is now among the many victims of what has turned out to be a terribly destructive potion. But I guess we can all find a bit of solace in the fact that Big Moe didn't live to see Mac Miller rap about taking "a little of that po', then we mix it up with that Sprite."

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