We've not been sure how much of this is a joke and how serious it can be, but the fact that Dillon Francis and Kill the Noise have made plans to release some collaborative work has always had us excited. They've made references to "Kitten Party" and "Kitten House Mafia" as being the names of this side project, but a pair of tweets from earlier today has us thinking that this project is actually going down:

Ok finally @killthenoise and I have made our sideproject name!! It's @Meowski666 and we are gonna put of a song this week :)


=^_^= @meowski666 =^_^=

— jAAAke (@killthenoise) July 28, 2013

Awesome name, and the fact that music might be on the way?! We can't contain our excitement. Hopefully this is legit, and they've finally buckled down. We'd hate for this to be more funnies, although we can deal with funnies.

Thx for the followz new murzics soonz

— Meowski666 (@Meowski666) July 28, 2013