Are you a fan of Dillon Francis? You're probably familiar with "IDGAFOS," a track title that's turned into an anthem for some, and a mantra for many. We imagine that many of you feel that dance music is the perfect soundtrack for not giving a fuck or a shit, but we know one thing DJs give a fuck about: sleep. Be it the lack of it, finally getting it, their lives can get kind of hectic, especially if they have active careers producing music or running labels (or both). We say that to say we're not surprised that Dillon's "IDGAFOS v3.0" (aka "Flight 4555") is a 15-minute lullaby for those insomniacs in the dance music scene. That's right, 15 minutes. This video is over nine minutes, and features Dillon passed out on the floor in an airport. If you're a member of Mad Decent Premium, you can grab "Flight 4555" for free. It just might help you get some ZZZs.