Position(s): Founder and CEO, SoundCloud

Do you want to know how powerful SoundCloud is? Whenever the music-sharing service is down, or makes a change, our Twitter timelines become inundated with a plethora of praise... or scorn. It's become such an involved part of our consumption of music that, as bloggers, we're astonished if a producer isn't utilizing the service. Built with a great sense of community, SoundCloud's initial aim was to share music, but it has become so much more than that, giving artists the power to reach out to their social circles with the upload of a track. Their widgets have helped revolutionize the way music is displayed on blogs, and their innovation earned them the Schroders Innovation Award at the 2011 European Tech Tour Awards Dinner. The service is as vital to an artist's online presence as Twitter and Facebook, and gives many up-and-coming EDM producers a level playing field when trying to outreach to their fanbases. Anytime someone is making money off of selling SoundCloud plays, you know you're doing something right.