If you follow the EDM scene, you know that we're in interesting times. Dance music in America specifically is going through a change, with those who control the dollars looking to invest in EDM for the long haul. The seeds for this recent influx of interest have been sown over the last four years or so, but 2013 is the year that everything is coming to a head, and major power moves are being made. Behind those moves are people who hold the keys to the future of the EDM scene, and wield all kinds of influence over the recording industry, the raver community, and the investors.

Today, we look at the individuals that are in control of the dance music community, primarily in America. From the label heads and concert promoters to the radio broadcasters and A&Rs, we wanted to provide you with the people who are truly in control, and have the power to mold and shape the EDM scene in their image. They have a passion for this scene, and have the ability to create stars (and revenue streams) with whomever they choose. This is the DAD Power 20, highlighting the most influential people in dance music right now.