This past week, Kanye West had a moment with a photographer. 

West was caught outside LAX, where he was bombarded with the facetious banter that comes standard from the paparazzi, asking him "What's up?" and calling him a "cool guy." This was after just last week when Kanye told a man of the same profession to "never talk." This new fellow, though, was not satisfied with the generalized command, and therefore continued to talk (for example, by asking why he wasn't allowed to).

Long story short, Kanye went up to the photographer and grabbed his camera. A brief wrestling match ensued before Kanye relinquished his grip and slid into a white vehicle. The photographer himself then proceeded to cover his face and ran away, ignoring the irony of his reluctance to have his picture taken. When you watch the video from any angle other than the photographer's, it seems highly improbable that anyone could have gotten hurt, though the overkill ambulances were on the scene before you could say "million-dollar settlement."

The Goddess of Pop herself, Cher, took a clear side on the matter. Having been the subject of such undesired photography for years, she came out in support of Kanye's offense:

She then added a story of her own, which involved her own four year-old child going unconscious:

Moral of the story: Cher is really out here.

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