You know, I could see this coming from a mile away.  Buzz Trillington has been a bit frustrated Buffalo's dismal scene, and it shows.  He needs better weather, better venues, and a change of pace.  There is no doubt in my mind that he will get fed up and abandon upstate New York sometime this year.  I'm curious where he'll land.  But the thing about these house records is that they're upbeat, and executed incredibly well.  I feel that producers that bounce to house from bass truly make more intelligent records, and these house tunes are just a step to the left from what you're used to.

We have no clue if Buzz Trillington will ressurect himself to make the 100 BPM tunes we've just grown to love or the trap records we got to know him through, but we're welcoming this new side of his production.   It's a breath of fresh air, as I can see these tunes being played at pool parties and lounges.  I love how 222 Oceans remixed Buzz Trillington though.  That's just funny.  Everything below is downloadable.  Vibe out.