Album: Stress: The Extinction Agenda
Producer: Organized Konfusion
Label: Hollywood BASIC/Elektra Records

A deep cut from Organized Konfusion's 1994 album Stress: The Extinction Agenda, "Stray Bullet" is one of hip-hop's great concept songs. Both Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po rap from the perspective of a bullet just fired from a gun. Monch's shot misses its intended targets, striking a child on a playground before narrowly missing a second person, ricocheting off a car and killing a third. Po's follow-up details another bullet's trip to a hospital inside the body of a wounded drug addict. "Stray Bullet" makes a powerful argument for gun control: since it is the job of a bullet to fly until it hits something once fired, it is the responsibility of humans to keep that from happening.