BFF of: Wale
Twitter handle: @trebyface
Lyrical shoutout: "Shout out to Kirbo, he told me I would make it/Now me, Tony, Gee, and Tre got the keys to the nation." ("DC or Nothing")

Who they are and what they doIf you ever have trouble finding Washington DC's own Walker "Tre" Johnson—he's Rap Game Muggsy Bogues—just look for Wale; he'll be by his side. Tre, the former frontman for the legendary go-go group Uncalled 4 Band (UCB), has ridden for Ralph Folarin through three major label albums and three major labels. Known for his distinct singing voice, he owns the stage he regularly shares with Wale, performing his heart out nightly. Off-stage, he's a hometown confidant and collaborator of Wale's.