BFF of: ScHoolboy Q
Twitter handle: @MoosaTDE
Lyrical shoutout: "Me and Moosa as we pulled up on them sixes just to go and bust some bitches." ("#BETiGOTSUMWEED")

Who they are and what they do: Poor Moosa. Like Q's bodyguard—who the rapper Has playfully nicknamed GorillapHant—and His longtime friend Zanzilla, Moosa is around to ease Q's boredom. Moosa Has ostensibly been hired to be Q's tour manager, but their relationship is more complex than just employer/employee.

Fear not: one need not look further than Vine to see how they interact—there's a series of three videos of Moosa getting (hilariously) berated for not lining up ground transportation from the airport. (Much better than having buckets of ice thrown in his direction, or having his body tossed out a car trunk, though. Always think positive!) But really, as ScHoolboy reveals in this interview, Moosa was there that first moment when he became cool with the TDE guys. Their shared history explains how he's able to get away with sharing those Vines.