BFF of: Joe Budden
Twitter handle: @OfficiallyIce
Lyrical shoutout: N/A

Who they are and what they doOn Twitter, Ice describes himself as "just a regular nigga who works at Footaction and tries to keep his check engine light off." And...that's only half-true. (While he presumably spends a lot of time on the couch with his hand in his pants, he's not exactly Al Bundy.) Ice is many things - Joe's best friend, for one; a bearded presence in a Slaughterhouse tee—his biography is less important than his public imprint.

Ice is a thought leader on "Black Twitter," hitting your favorite artists with undiluted slander and crying-face emoji; many have played into his hand, with Pusha T once responding in song. (In 2011 Bow Wow threatened to leave Twitter over a popular—albeit fake—tweet, created by Ice.) Like Joe, he's a constant presence at strip clubs and pool parties. It's hard to say who the bad influence is on whom here. Either way, he and Joe match one another tits for tat.

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