BFF Of: J. Cole
Twitter handle: @KingOfQueenz
Lyrical shoutout: "This nigga Ib...he's a bitch/He told me to talk shit to you niggas, so I'mma talk my shit." ("Grew Up Fast")

Who they are and what they do: Without Ibrahim "Ib" Hamad, there is no J. Cole. (Or, rather, J. Cole is still J. Cole, unless he'd be recording under his original name, Therapist.) Yes, Ib's been there since the beginning. As he revealed in an interview this year, the two were driving around Queens when a "Grammy Family" freestyle came over the car stereo. Surprise: it was Cole rapping.

While Cole threw buckets on the courts of St. John's, Ib laid bricks for Dreamville Records, pushing his friend Jermaine to become a recording artist. Where he once passed out physical copies of Cole's mixtapes, now Ib lives a very simple and quiet life, acting as Dreamville's president and J. Cole's A&R, manager, and shadow.

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