BFF Of: Kendrick Lamar
Twitter handle: N/A
Lyrical shoutout: "But me and Dave kind of felt you lost the passion/A lot was going on in your life and you needed space/But still I should have come to you first to tell you what happened." ("Wanna Be Heard")

Who they are and what they do: If high school is a time for discovery, then it's no surprise that Dave Free and Kendrick Lamar found each other at the age of sixteen. Cut from the same cloth, Dave has guided Kendrick's career for the past decade, thanks to a shared vision and a shared demeanor.

An understated by truly effective executive—as proven by his work with all the members of Black Hippy—Dave Free shows that you don't need to be all bark to hold things down at Top Dawg Entertainment. Once known as DJ Dave, once known as part of the Digi+Phonics production team, once known as the reason Kendrick Lamar was discovered, Dave Free will be forever known for acing his biggest high school exam.

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