BFF Of: Drake
Twitter handle: @OVORepsUpChubbs
Lyrical shoutout: "I be with my nigga Chubbs, he in love with the street shit." ("Club Paradise")

Who they are and what they doSince 2007, Chubbs has not just been Drake's right-hand man but also - as a member of the OVO security team - his personal strong-arm. Maybe owing to his job or maybe his personality, little is known about Chubbs. Throughout the years, he's done exactly one interview, when he told Complex, "Everybody wants to poke and jab at Drake because they don't feel like he will throw back. But nobody around here is going to let something happen to him at any time, especially me."

That being said, he's always next to Drake so he's seen fairly often: in the "Headlines" video, he's drinking and smoking at the table. "Started from the Bottom," that's him at the bowling alley. His biggest moment on camera, though, is this video in which he shoves a Houston fan offstage. To paraphrase Mobb Deep: speak the wrong words to Drake and you will get Chubbs'd.