Rap has always been inundated with weed carriers, but nowadays even guys who don't get on the mic are no longer nameless sidekicks. What used to pass for "that guy in the videos" is now well-known by his government and followed on Twitter by rabid fans. We live in a day and age where #newfriends are forbidden, where loyalty is not only valued, but rewarded, and where playing your position is just as much of a win for the last guy on the bench as it is for the franchise player. So blame HBO because Entourage introduced us to Turtle, E, and even Johnny Drama and they were all more entertaining than Vinnie Chase himself.

And like Vinnie Chase's crew, they don't just sit on their ass and smoke weed all day but they try and boss up and become managers, body guards, executives, etc. in their own right (or in Turtle's case, start a car service). Rapper BFFs have the one thing all fans crave: Access to your favorite rapper. Ultimately, they have an immeasurable amount of influence over the artist and are the ones standing right next to them whenever something goes down. That's why they increasingly have their own spotlight. So join Complex as we take a look at what exactly it means to be a rapper's BFF.

Written by Eric Rosenthal & Jeff Rosenthal (@itsthereal)

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