Age: Lil Herb - 17, Lil Bibby - 18
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Active Since: 2012
Label: N/A
Twitter Handle: @LilHerbie_Ebk, @lilbibby_ 

Essential Listening: Heir Apparents
Pros: Tough, catchy songs.
Cons: They rap about little else outside of the drill canon.

An easy (though perhaps reductive) way to think about Herb and Bibby is as a more rapping-rap drill duo. They employ the same imagery as their Chicago street contemporaries, but they turn up the lyrical pace just a notch, with more of an east coast influence than their peers. They pass verses back and forth on the track and perform quite comfortably as a pair. Though they have been publicly co-signed by the likes of Drake and Interscope honcho Joey I.E., their music has yet to be neatly packaged (aside from the "best of" compilation Heir Apparents), which might be holding back their crossover. Still, their city very much wants them to win (just ask Chance The Rapper), and theirs will be a formidable force if their output continues. —Alexander Gleckman