Age: 21
Hometown: Washington D.C.
Active Since: 2011
Label: 86America Music
Twitter Handle: @Lightshow10thPL 

Essential Listening: Get Well Soon
Pros: A good relationship with Wale could help him blow up.
Cons: Still has a pretty low profile.

For many people, the first they heard of DC rapper Lightshow was his excellent verse on Wale's "Georgetown Press." As far as introductions go, this was a pretty good one. The verse not only showed off his lyricism, as he deftly weaves Georgetown basketball references into his story of wanting to make it out of DC, but also his most striking feature, his voice. Lightshow's voice packs a palpable controlled chaos that makes everything he says sound urgent, similar to Wale's label mate Meek Mill. For those who've heard Lightshow's mixtape Get Well Soon, they've heard that he's as comfortable on soul beats like "Georgetown Press" (and his other song with Wale "Nervous,") as he is on harder hitting beats like "I Promise" or Chief Keef's "Cash." If he continues to find strong production, he could easily make truly attention grabbing music. —Max Goldberg