Age: 22
Hometown: Montgomery, AL
Active Since: 2012
Label: Grand Hustle/CBM/Interscope
Twitter Handle: @CBMDOEB 

Essential Listening: Baby Jesus
Pros: Has proven his ability to make a true banger.
Cons: Will he connect with an audience beyond his singles?

The most notable eye patch in hip-hop history undoubtedly belongs to Slick Rick, but Montgomery, Alabama upstart Doe B is aiming for second place. Doe B's eye patch is the result of a gunshot to the eye, which the rapper credits with making him get serious about his craft. Doe says he's been rapping since age eight, but it wasn't until August of last year that his career began to take off with the release of the trunk rattling, threat-laced regional smash "Let Me Find Out." The song, and Doe's career, got an even bigger boost when T.I. and Juicy J added some serious star power to the remix. On July 4th, Doe B dropped his mixtape Baby Jesus, further cementing his status as one of the south's hottest up and comers. —Max Goldberg