Label: Trill Entertainment
Producer: Tru Dawg
Birthdate: 11/14/1982
Age: 19

A local sensation in Baton Rouge since his early teens due to his work with the group Concentration Camp, Boosie wouldn't become a regional star for several more years, but his instinct for bridging hard-edged rhymes with party-friendly hooks was already solidly in place by the release of his sophomore album, For My Thugz. Shouting out near-lethal levels of drug use—most people would call someone who drinks a fifth of liquor at eight in the morning an "alcoholic," not a "thug," but that may be splitting hairs—over an absolutely filthy funk beat, Boosie celebrated peak ignorance in brilliant fashion. This the song that today's thirty-something, designer-drug-obsessed rappers keep trying to make, its teenage view of debauchery a possibly unattainable pinnacle.