Label: N/A
Producer: Young L
Birthdate: 8/17/1989
Age: 19

There was a time when it seemed like Lil B might follow a more or less conventional career arc: charismatic member of semi-popular group The Pack disappears to hone his skills, reemerges as a solo star with the funny title of Based God. "We Can Go Down," which claimed on YouTube to be Lil B's "first internet SMASH HIT," presented him in that vein, with fairly conventional rapping, a sound typical of the Auto-Tuned fare on the radio at that time and a glossy video from Colin Tilley, who would go on to direct for artists like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

Despite all of that, though, it's clear that there's already something a little bit different about the Once and Future Based God, whose mind is capable of cranking out brilliant, oddball lines like "I'm in that thing like Mr. Clean/Her body so nice like a limousine." And the seeds of concepts that would later get explored on entire songs or series of songs are there too, with lyrics like "I'm Brad Pitt/I'm David Blaine" or "Got an ice cream cone/Girl I'm so cute/Can I bring you home." It may have looked and sounded like a big-budget song, with a hook that would make Jason Derulo jealous, but it it also looked and sounded like something totally weird and new.