Label: So So Def/Columbia
Producer: Jazze Pha
Birthdate: 3/9/1987
Age: 16

Lil' Bow Wow may have seemed like an easy target—a child rapper who made an album called Doggy Bag? Of course there was criticism!—but the little dude had more to boast about than a lot of artists twice his age, even if it mostly was due to the work of producer and mentor Jermaine Dupri. Not only did he have girls trying to get at him, he was boasting of his prowess with the ladies in a PG tone and a teen's voice, which makes a line like “I'll find me another one, more interesting more fun/The man has just begun” even colder. With a T.I.-esque flow, paired with a killer, clattering faux-Neptunes beat courtesy Jazze Pha, the kid, the self-proclaimed “Mr. 106 and Park,” was unstoppable.