Disco has been one of the more despised forms of music in history, which is odd considering that it was the starting point for two of the most popular styles of music today: hip-hop and house. If it wasn't for what DJs were doing with tracks in the disco era, who knows if DJs in NY would have gotten hooked onto breakbeats, which ended up being the basis for the style of hip-hop, and we all know that the house sound was a direct descendant of disco music. For a while, dance music and its many permutations operated in different arenas than hip-hop did, although there have been numerous instances of these two worlds colliding. In today's mainstream, we find situations and collaborations where dubstep or trap music blend well with hip-hop, but how many fans are digging deeper into dance music after hearing, say, Skrillex beats on an A$AP Rocky album? That's where DAD comes in.

We're huge fans of hip-hop as well as dance music, and we can see that there are a number of bridges for hip-hop fans to move into and explore dance music in, but maybe you just need a nudge. We've collected a number of producers who are still making tracks today that could help you discover the sounds of trap, drum & bass, house, footwork, downtempo, and other styles of electronic music. We're not saying pop a molly and start sweating, but if you hear a 4x4 breakdown and want to seek out music that might engage that interest even further, here's a quick guide.