As if twerking on stage with Juicy J or shooting a zany video for "We Can't Stop" wasn't edgy enough for Miley Cyrus, the singer is right back at it.

Tonight, Miley announced that she was jamming to "My Neck My Back" by Khia, which at this point likely surprises very few people. However, Khia saw this as an opportunity to revive her music career. She responded by tweeting back at Miley, hinting that she was down to do a track for her "urban album." Miley's response was emphatic, albeit short lived. The singer responded to Khia, basically implying that she was one of the rapper's biggest fans.

The exchange was certainly surreal. How bizarre is it that a successful Disney child actress turned pop princess is the biggest fan of a grimy rapper from the late 1990s? And yet this is the reality of music in 2013, all thanks to social media.

Will Miley get Khia on a track for the upcoming album? Time will tell.

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