Date: June 3

“You’re a slave to a page in my rhymebook,” Nas said on his 2003 single “Made You Look.” A decade later, another Queens rapper made us look. This time, rap fans were slaves to a tweet on Action Bronson’s timeline. With rumors flying about potential new additions to the booming Top Dawg Entertainment roster, Bronsolino tweeted that he had joined the label. Within minutes, TDE’s Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul seemed to confirm the signing, and from there, the story went viral. Commentary on the deal continued all afternoon, and major publications reported on the story. Finally, Bronson had to come clean on Twitter and reveal that this had all been a hoax. It did seem odd: Bronson is signed to Warner Brothers/Vice. Why, and how, would he switch to the Interscope-distributed TDE? But, hey, weirder things have happened in this topsy-turvy era of loose affiliation and industry realignment. Now that the jig is up, all eyes turn to June 11, the release date of Bronson’s Saab Stories (produced by the aptly named Harry Fraud.) As for that new TDE signee? Turned out to be an artist from Tennessee named Isaiah Rashad.—Dharmic X

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