Date: June 25

Social media has us convinced that every thought that pops into our heads is worth saying in the most public forum in the world. And somehow clouded our understanding of the permanence of things on the Internet. Before they were famous, it turns out, famous rappers were just as snarky and obnoxious as everyone else—and as short-sighted about the potential of embarassing ramifications. For example, Action Bronson thought it was cool to clown A$AP Rocky, Macklemore felt comfortable questioning J. Cole's ability to find an audience, Kreaysahwn thought it was just fine to say she that likes "a creamy nigga," and everyone was okay with admitting they fucking hate that guy Wale.

Once they became famous, they all probably thought that stuff was buried in the past. And it was, until Twitter user @sargeWP dug all their old tweets up and caused scandal that's Mostly Junk Food dubbed, "Hip-Hop Wiki Leaks." Since the tweets popped up, rappers like ScHoolboy Q and Iggy Azalea have copped pleas and said they've changed their opinions since. But most rappers have remained silent on the issue. 

Really, all of this should not have even been news. People are allowed to change their opinions. Who the really cares if Meek Mill once liked 50 Cent more than Rick Ross? But the fickleness of human nature is something to behold—and very entertaining! Honestly, if someone were to dig up my old tweets, you'd certainly see me dissing the shit out of Complex and all their stupid fucking rap lists. Oh, the irony! —Insanul Ahmed

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