Jay-Z dropped more Magna Carta advertisements, while the world waited.

Date: All week long

Jay-Z doesn't need to buy adspace to promote his upcoming album, adspace buys Jay-Z. As much of a stir that the idea of Jay's "#newrules" movement may have caused, the Samsung commercials themselves have been nothing short of fascinating; well-produced looks inside some potentially history-making Jay (plus superproducer) moments.

We as fans get the privilege of seeing Rick Rubin stroke his majestic beard on a couch while Hov relates to him his thoughts ("Just my thoughts!") on religion, for example. As well as the process with which music greats take a song from its ideological framework to conclusion. Say what you want about the methodology, but the quality of content is hard to deny. Swizz Beatz confirmed that these studio sessions were candid, though the participants were aware that a commercial was being filmed at the time. If the pulsing piano chord from the ads has yet to dictate your own life cadence, you're a stronger man than me. Get your Samsungs ready, this is going to be the hottest phone "rapplication" of the year since the DJ Funk Flex app. Don't sleep! —Alexander Gleckman

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