With June 18 Approaching, J. Cole Drops "N***az Know"

Date: May 30

As we draw closer to the release of J.Cole's second album, Born Sinner, the 28-year-old rapper continues to let new music and information seep out gradually. Towards the tail end of this week, he released "Niggaz Know," an analysis of newfound fame over a soulful beat. While Cole's subject matter previously chronicled his struggle to break into the rap game while dealing with the trials and tribulations of the average twentysomething, this latest release finds him reflecting on his personal evolution in the wake of fame.

Lyrically, J.Cole starts off slow here, but he gets rolling and finds a rhythm similar to a ballplayer shooting his way out of a slump. (Isn't it uncanny how well basketball analogies relate to his career?) Cole's chants of "I ain't the same" reference how the things he's experienced over the past couple of years have changed him, which fits the Born Sinner theme perfectly.

He also announced his "Dollar & A Dream" tour, which will hit 10 cities this month. There's a catch: there are no tickets; admission is literally $1. Locations are secret for the moment, but once they're revealed, expect lines. —Julian Kimble

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