"What are you looking for in a record?" It might be the most asked question by anyone that we deny a submission from. Our standard borderlines on snobbish, but it's because the five of us breathe music. None of us has any problem with passing on a record that doesn't quite do it for us. And while it's important to note that all of the writers at DAD have their own individual tastes and dislikes, we can all agree to a short list of foundations that your material can be built upon. We aren't here to discourage anyone from submitting records; it's actually quite the opposite.

We read every email, listen to every submission, dive through the Internet to pick out obscure records that we like, and the majority of the tunes that we post share these core standards. If your records aren't getting picked up by websites, really evaluate this list and whether it aligns with the qualities we're looking for.