It's been a big few days for Papoose, who recently made headlines due to the sheer unexpectedness of his performance at Hot 97's Summer Jam. The Brooklyn rapper shows up once again (pushing Sway out of his way), this time on RapFix Live, to kick a brief freestyle about all the new rap friends he made at Summer Jam. After listing a number of big names and rhyming them with various manifestations of "they like Papoose," the mic was handed off to the two guests who were actually invited to rap: Gunplay and Rittz.

Gunplay eliminates the standard DJ participation by deciding to rap a cappella, then proceeds to self-censor his otherwise monster verse almost as ineffectively as Kanye did on SNL. Rittz (whose hair could best be described to those unfamiliar as three of Action Bronson's beards) goes on to finish the show with a verse that has Gunplay laughing along in the background. This may be the only time in history that these three individuals rap together, but you never know with Papoose, he may just show up on Gunplay's album—right after Kendrick.

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[via RapRadar]