The Bronx is known for originating this thing that we call hip-hop. It's only right for a kid from hip-hop's birthplace to introduce a unique flavor to the game.

YC The Cynic is a rapper who has cut his teeth in New York City's open mic scene for years. Cultivating a small but fiercely loyal fan base, YC was able to raise over $5000 for a Kickstarter campaign to fund his upcoming album with producer Frank Drake, GNK. Today, he is releasing the first single off the project, a song titled "God Complex," in video form.

"God Complex" catches the ear thanks to the Bronx rapper's outstanding harmonized delivery. He glides over Frank's spacey production with panache, pausing between bars for emphasis. YC uses this innovative style to paint a portrait of a narcissistic character who is the centerpiece of the song. The character is brash and very confident, declaring in the first line of the song: "I know this might sound quite unusual/But you should fear no man but me." As the song progresses, the listener learns that this braggadocio perhaps stems from insecurity ("You should watch who you're talking to/You've no idea what I'm going through"). Although the lyrics are bold and aggressive, the listener is not intimidated by the character, thanks to the mesmerizing cadence of the song.

The video, directed by Oliver Eid, is ethereal. YC's face is surrounded by clouds as it fades in and out of the frame. His face is the only image that appears on the screen. Vibrant colors seem to burst out of nowhere. The visual supports the trancelike feel of the song itself while simultaneously lifting the character into his "God Complex."

GNK will be dropping soon. Get familiar with YC The Cynic in the video above.

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