Few radio shows have quite the wide-ranging diversity and buzz like Diplo & Friends. The show has brought fire mix after fire mix from the likes of RL Grime, DJ Sliink, Munchi, Cashmere Cat, and DJ Snake, all acts you might actually expect on this sort of show. Perhaps more incredibly, Diplo has managed to bring in acts like Avicii and allowed them to show a completely different, and often awesome, side to them. Diplo is getting ready to do that again with the globetrotting superstar, Tiësto.

In a short interview with inthemix, Tiesto confirmed that he does indeed have his own installment for the mix show. Speaking on the upcoming mix, Tiësto said "I wanted to make selections I wouldn’t necessarily play in my DJ sets – more my general taste in music." Diplo originally told inthemix about the upcoming mix back in April when he said "I got Tiesto to do a mix too, and it’s gonna be the same thing, I think it’s going be something people are going to be surprised ago." No word on when the mix is coming, but we'll be keeping our eyes peeled.