Government Name: John David Jackson

Fab once told the story behind his name on his site. Before Fabolous started rapping, the Brooklyn-based emcee was known as "Sport" to his friends. When he started rapping, though, he wanted to spotlight a different talent of his: wordplay. He hadn't settled on a new name yet, though, when he met DJ Clue at Hot 97 and asked if he could rap for him

Clue agreed to listen, and in his freestyle, Fab referred to himself as a "fabulous vocabulist." Clue noted the line, and thought it was an official name (like "The Fabulous Vocabulist.") Excited about the new talent he'd discovered, he began telling people of the rapper named "Fabulous," or "Fabulous Sport." As his reputation grew, Fabo had no choice but to adopt the mistake. (He changed the spelling, presumably, for style.) "Today, I look at the irony of taking a mistake and making it look correct," He says. "The moral of the story is: Every mistake, something can be taken from it, learned from it or made from it. My mistake made me Fabolous."