Release Date: TBA
Label: Universal/Republic
Producers: Silkky Johnson
Guests: TBA
Singles: "Kiss Land"

The mystery is gone. The hype-storm has calmed. Three mixtapes and a vinyl re-release in, and Abel Tesfaye has gone from shielding his identity at all costs to living a life of pseudo-anonymity—or as close to anonymity as you can get while still selling out shows.

Though he remains interview-averse and camera-shy, his music is as visceral as ever, and we couldn't be more excited to see what he has in store with his debut full-length, Kiss Land. The album's title track was released last month: all breathy vocals, Castlevania keys, and synths that sound like the noises your old TV made when you put your ear too close to the screen. It's just the sort of mood music for black nights we've come to expect from Tesfaye. If the rest of the album maintains that same feel of drunken confessions made underneath the glow of halogen lights, we should be anticipating a new R&B classic, and all the hype will have been worth it. —Nathan Susman