Notable Releases: Sub Focus - "Endorphins" / Wilkinson - "Take You Higher" / Loadstar - "Refuse to Love"

In terms of drum & bass imprints, there's Ram, and then there's damn near everyone else. They run shit when it comes to consistently putting out quality dnb in many different forms. Sure, their "main" roster features the likes of Loadstar, who recently released the brilliant Future Perfect album... but they also dropped Rene LaVice's Insidious. And don't forget that an album from Wilkinson is on the way! They're also signing new acts, like Chords and the acclaimed June Miller, and have put out a heavier piece of tech-infused dnb from Gridlok and Prolix. And one of the bigger singles of the year, Sub Focus' "Endorphins," is Ram-affiliated as well, so don't be shocked when we tell you that Ram is one label you need to keep an eye out on, even if you're not the biggest dnb head.