Song: Kanye West "I'm In It"
Album: Yeezus
Producer: Kanye West, Justin Vernon, Andre Harris, Jill Scott, Vidal Davis, Carvin Haggins, Kenny Lattimore, Jeffrey Campbell, Josh Leary, Malik Jones, Cydel Young, Sakiya Sandifer, Elon Rutberg, Mike Dean
Label: Def JamYeezus contains myriad awful rap lyrics ("300 like the Romans"), many of which reside in "I'm in It." We'll pass on "I be speaking swaghili" because we'd like to forget that ever happened. "Put my hand in her like a Civil Rights sign" isn't that outlandish. Perhaps the girl 'Ye is talking about is a social activist? Who are we to judge? 

Mild racism aside, Kanye is promoting unsafe sex practices with the "Asian pussy" line. Sweet-and-sour sauce's main ingredient is sugar, and guess what thrives off sugar? Yeast. Yeastuz. Yeezty. Sorry. Moreover, sweet-and-sour sauce is far too sticky for sitophelia. Ever accidentally got S&S sauce on your wrist or hand? You might as well wear a glove for the next month because you're gonna be like Daniel Stern in Home Alone 2. Now imagine that around your downstairs region. Ouch.