EshOne is a monster. I saw him play in New York, Los Angeles, and Philly within a couple of months (or weeks? my brain is fried) over the wintertime, and his absolute domination of deep dark records in every genre imaginable is nothing to be played with. Dubstep. Drum & Bass. Garage. He makes it all, has an alias (who also makes dope records, obviously), and all of it is thought-provoking. The funniest thing is that he's one of the most vibrant people in real life. These emotional sounds don't come across when you meet him in person.

But this record is dank. And to push boundaries even further, he's only offering his new EP The Ups & Downs as .wav files through his website. These won't go on your iPod. They are meant for the 1% that cares enough to purchase dank speakers and play out on loud sound systems. I just gave this a full run on my Munitio headphones… those will suffice as well. I'm assuming you get these bonus tracks when you pay for the package though… they're as good as the rest of the release. And at $4, you're getting songs that will last a lifetime for next to nothing.