Space Jesus and I grew up 10 minutes from each other, but the town lines and our age difference were probably the factors that kept us from getting to know each other until a few years ago.  His attitude is wonderful.  The smile that's glued to his face as he performs live is epic.  And I've literally watched him grow from a talent into a monster.

Ah, but a snag in our seemingly wonderful relationship.  I curate content, and he's been pensive about releasing music.  I know his hesitance because I heard the concept for "Trap Or Tweet" eight months ago.  This one has been mastered by Starkey, and literally blew out the 12" Kicker Solo Baric in my car this afternoon.  I'm still trying to sort out who's going to pay me back for my loss.  His heady vibe and unique style of bass music sets him apart from those producers that aim to bludgeon you to death with wobble and lasers, but everything he's making hits incredibly hard.  Space Jesus has become one of my closest friends in music, and it feels amazing that I can put his work up against the standard of quality we set at Do Androids Dance.  Ride out.

Photo: Clare Gillen