Remember that time when I marveled at the fact that there is dope bass music coming out of South Africa? Almost as soon as I let go of how cool this is, another dope bass music record from South Africa landed in my hands. But this one was nudged over to me by the homie Bleep Bloop at 710. And as he only puts his name on tough records, you should know what to expect.

Seafood is a duo from Cape Town that haven't released anything outside of 710 Records. If bass music is your thing, this will be a pure joy to listen to. You will be pulled through juke, trap, and bass music that's masterfully produced. And as everything on 710 Records has been, this is a name your own price release. I'd go pillage the stash before they put a price tag on it. And donate a couple dollars if you can. Independent labels need your support.

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