Very rarely do I get my hands on tunes from unknown artists that are making records this big. And it's even more rare when giant producers are putting these tunes in our hands. Rell The Soundbender is championing this talented duo, and a quick listen is all you need to figure out why. The crazy thing is that they haven't ever met in person. Their first show together will be in North Carolina on July 27 at Charlotte Gets F*cking Weird 4, and have been working entirely through Dropbox sharing Ableton projects. This is the world we live in.

Savagez are a production duo based in completely different parts of the country. Dom is in North Carolina via Zürich, Switzerland, and Michael is living in Arizona. Their sound is clean. The progression in these records might lead you to believe they've been at this for half a decade. Dom was just a student at Dubspot over the fall.  And though they're relatively fresh in the game, I could see any of their tunes satisfying the crowds at Ultra or EDC. These records are big room floor stompers.

"First Class" is a record that represents everything this duo is doing. Huge sounds that are meant to play for huge crowds. The quick dubstep break is a lovely touch, and leads us to believe that the reach of Savagez is well beyond just one genre of music. This is exclusive to DAD, but we urge blogs and listeners to share it around. It's too good to keep to ourselves.