Back in February, Sammy Bananas was Kickstarting a project to release a limited vinyl run of his Bootlegs, Vol. 1 compilation. He's been in the game as a DJ and remixer for over a decade, so of course the goal was met, and yellow vinyl was cut. Yellow banana vinyl isn't enough, though; the Brooklynite wanted to do more. After being bit by the remix bug again in 2012, Sammy linked up with problem-solver Legitmix to come up with a digital Bootlegs, Vol. 1 project, finding Sammy reworking tunes from R. Kelly, Miguel, J. Cole, and Young Jeezy into club-ready bangers, showcasing both his knack for cooking up a banger out of established material and the power of these here Internets in terms of letting producers who sample cook, legally. DAD's got the premiere of this four-track project, so dig in, revel in the possibilities of today's Internets, and give Sammy is props.