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A few days ago, Riff Raff sat down for a tense interview with Hot 97's Ebro. Riff Raff went off on a series of tweets afterward that further showed how uncomfortable he was with the whole situation.

It looks like the tension between Riff Raff and Hot 97 won't be getting remedied for a while. The Houston rapper tweeted Hot 97 banned him from attending Summer Jam XX.

Riff Raff went on an all-caps rant and even implied racism was behind the banning. Check out the series of tweets below:

[via Twitter]

UPDATE: Ebro has responded on Twitter to Riff Raff's claims that he was banned, denying the allegation and saying that this is merely a publicity stunt from the rapper. However, he did point out that Riff Raff had not been invited for tomorrow's festivities.

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