A week before the release of Random Access Memories was released, Dazed & Confused put out their special Giorgio Moroder/Daft Punk issue, featuring a full interview with Moroder and the androids. At the time, they dropped a brief portion of the interview, but today they posted the full article, which you can read now. You saw most of this already, but we wanted to feature one of Thomas' best quotes from the piece here:

This record is like a portal into a space where it’s the past, present and future combined into a cool, timeless environment, where Giorgio and Nile and the robots and Pharrell and Julian Casablancas and Panda Bear are a kind of assembled cast. It’s saying that the best thing from the past can still be done today and can still be done in the future. And obviously live playing is not something that just belongs to the past. If it does belong to the past that’s a little bit scary. It’s an invitation to a dream. We remember as teenagers listening to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd albums and just going for the ride. If you close your eyes and listen to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ you really see a landscape. You don’t see four guys in a recording studio. There’s less of that in modern music. Pop music has just become about high-quality ringtones. We’re more interested in escapism. The dream is what’s important.

Check out the full story on Dazed Digital.