You know what? If you're a fan of Pretty Lights, you should be really thankful. Not too many artists in this day and age will post a clip and then ask you to buy the track. Makes sense, as this is how those transactions work. How many producers these days are spending a year making music... just to dump it to vinyl to then sample for their record... which they'll be giving away for free?! July 2 is the date that A Color Map of the Sun, Pretty Lights' next project, will be released, and he's doing just that, although there are options to purchase CDs and vinyl, as well as other related merch. Truth be told, you should be copping SOMETHING from dude. That's dedication that we hardly see these days. And it's all done for you, the fans. Listen to a mix of the full project down below, then cop it when he drops it. There's more info on his website.