We raved about Phonat's recent release on OWSLA, and focusing on just how good his Identity Theft EP blocked me from thinking that a video might accompany one of the singles. And the visuals for "Ride The Prejudice" are as oddly constructed as the sounds on this record.

What we don't know is WHO made this video. Random animated objects shift shapes, and there doesn't seem to be any direction whatsoever. Slightly imperfect Cinema 4D artwork backs this flawless track. RIght before the two-minute mark, there's a segment where everything interacts with the next movement with fluidity. This feeling of comfortability is fleeting, and that one moment where everything made sense now becomes slightly uncomfortable.

I will be calling Phonat's record one of the best of 2013 at the end of the year. The only thing left to anticipate is what the live show will look like, and whether Phonat has the ability to knock out an hour-plus set to blow my mind. He's coming out of the gate as a headliner with this OWSLA EP, and I'm incredibly interested to see what's next for this promising producer.