Count: "I'm going to go get me a Bugatti. First off all, it's a solid $1 million dollar car, so I know it can do everything but fly to Mars. I know I can get away in a chase. If they on my bumper, they see nothing but smoke.

"As soon as I pull up, I'm getting any chick I want, you know what I'm saying? Also, I need a car like that to make the haters as mad as I want them. A Lamborghini will make them mad on a scale from 1-10 like an eight; I want it on 12. [Laughs.]"

Moonie: "Since Count got the Bugatti, it's only right that we can ride shotty together, because we a group. But, can I get a helicopter, though? I want to hover over the haters so I can look down. I want to be able to pinpoint them out in certain areas, and I want to be able to piss on top of their heads while we're riding through the sky. [Laughs.]

"The real reason I would get the helicopter is because I got a lot of road rage. I hate traffic, and they're ain't no traffic in the air. I would like the helicopter so I could get from point A to point B in like five minutes."